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Hello There-

Postby eben on Sun Mar 18, 2007 2:57 pm

Hello out there- I was the first light man for the Sass band in '76 and was therefore exposed to John Moore's guitar playing and, of course, his guitar. A couple of years later I got my Time (a GS w/all switching). I was a new guitar player at that point and I remember Alan plugging me into some huge Fender amp at high volume and then looking at me rather expectantly; I was shy and clunky. I got better though!

Welcome aboard Eben.

Postby ChrisClark on Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:46 am

It's nice to see some real Time people jump on board here.
Are you the same Eben that used to roller skate playing your GS in the TV ad for a local sound equipment store?
Johnny Moore was one of the greatest salesman Time ever had! And we didn't have to pay him either.
Thanks for joining,
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Postby eben on Mon Mar 19, 2007 12:20 pm

yup, that was me. I actually haven't thought of that for some time-(no pun intended) I remember that I wanted a raunchy tone but the director didn't-ah well! Also, it was with a bit of a tear in my eye that I saw on this site that the yellow polka-dot strat got crisped-I'd always had my eye out for it when I was back in BTV- I'd hoped that one day it would be mine-and , a historical note of some amusement, perhaps; I seem to remember seeing the pieces for what could only be described as a "porno" guitar on one of my barn visits-remember that one? I was recently doing some surfing and found an email address for Cosmic Joe- I've heard he's got a bunch of guitars and I'd love to see some pix.My trusty GS is a bit worn around the edges but still plays and sounds great- a few years ago my original bridge pickup died (I loved that pickup!) and I replaced it with a Duncan JB Trembucker, which is quite good. Details asthey develop and thanks for putting up the Site! Happy Trails! Eben

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